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Eran Andrechek, Ph.D. Eran Andrechek, Ph.D.

Genomics integrated with breast cancer model systems.

Jamie Bernard, Ph.D. Jamie Bernard, Ph.D.

Our laboratory studies toxicological effects in everyday life that act as triggers in the formation of cancer.

Susan E. Conrad Susan E. Conrad

Estrogen and antiestrogen regulation of cell cycle in human breast cancer cells.

Michele M. Fluck Michele M. Fluck

The role of transcription factors AP-1 and Ets in metastasis.

Kathleen Gallo, Ph.D. Kathleen Gallo, Ph.D.

Protein kinase signaling and targeted therapies in breast cancer and glioblastoma.

Sandra Haslam Sandra Haslam

Steroid hormones, growth factors, environmental factors and breast cancer risk.

Karen Liby, Ph.D. Karen Liby, Ph.D.

Inflammation, cancer and drug development

Erik Martinez-Hackert Erik Martinez-Hackert

Nodal and TGFb family inhibitors in breast cancer.

Richard Schwartz Richard Schwartz

Immune cells in mammary inflammation and tumorigenesis. C/EBPb regulation of the progesterone receptor.

Hua Xiao, M.D., Ph.D. Hua Xiao, M.D., Ph.D.

Understand transcriptional mechanisms in normal cell growth and apoptosis, and dysregulation leading to cancer.

Chengfeng Yang Chengfeng Yang

Role of non-coding RNAs in cancer and the environmental toxicants’ effect on development.